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Infobiz Solution is proud to announce a new partnership with Wpoptimix, the web’s most secure wordpress plugin. We partnered with Wpoptimix because they have a simple and secure solution to help protect and accelerate wordpress website online. Once your website is configure with Wpoptimix, your website will most secure from malware,bruteforce attacks. 

Intrusion Detection
The ultimate shield for an extra layer of protection against any potential intruders to your site. It is so powerful that none of a wordpress security plugin can compare.
Malware & Antivirus
Protects your blog from virus, malware, and other spyware infections
Secure-Simple Login
One Click Secure Login is a login where you can access your dashboard with just one click via a link
Brute Force Attack Detection
This module will prevent hackers from breaking in to your site, by limiting the number of login attempts/time and banning them
Automated Cloud Backup
With this amazing wordpress security plugin you back up your entire Website( Widgets, themes, plugins, files and SQL database ). Each time your site is modified, a backup is created and automatically uploaded to wpOptimix Cloud servers
Wordpress File Monitor
Monitor your WordPress installation for deleted/changed files. You have the ability to compare to their original from Wordpress servers, and to restore them.
Rs.2600/Per Year
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will only install plugin and support provide by only Wpoptimix.All features proide by Wpoptimix only.


wpOptimix requires a minimum of WordPress version 3.3+, MySQL 5 and PHP 5 in order to function properly
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